(Formerly Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC)

Welcome to Tanaduk Wellness! I believe that achieving wellness should be a whole body experience - with support physcially, mentally, and spiritually. I offer both energy healing and clinical herbal medicine consultations that are tailored to the whole of your being and experiences, and have seen a significant number of my clients finding success on their wellness journey with me.

Tanaduk Wellness is named after the pureland or spiritual paradise and gardens of Medicine Buddha, Tanaduk, which contains a large variety of medicines for all diseases and disturbances than can occur in the body and mind. Along with being a nearly lifelong Tibetan Buddhist and overall spiritual practitioner myself and taking inspiration from those teachings, I developed Tanaduk Wellness with a similar goal in mind: to be able to provide clients assistance with their wellness goals, with a variety of modalities that might help them within easy reach.

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I work together with you tailor my herbal recommendations to your unique needs as an individual - and take into account the whole of you, including your health history, life circumstances and lifestyle, your diet, medications, and potential energetic/spiritual needs (with the basis of my herbal work in particular being in looking at empirical scientific sources). I don't look at only what an herb is "good for", and don't believe in throwing the proverbial kitchen sink of herbs at my clients either.

My energy healing work is also customized to your needs, and I offer a small variety of options for it - from Usui Reiki which is wonderful for the overall support of either your spirit, body or mind, to Karuna Ki Reiki which particularly assists with deeper spiritual and emotional support, to Norse Runic Energy Healing (which can be helpful if you'd still like to experience an energy healing, but have found yourself sensitive to Reiki energy, and comes with a description of runes used for further personal wellness).

Links to detailed descriptions of these services, how they all work, and information about booking are further down the page.

To back up my work, I hold a Master’s of Science degree from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in Clinical Herbal Medicine (and am working towards registry with the American Herbalists Guild), Reiki Master-Teacher certification, and a wealth of spiritual knowledge from my personal practices and spiritual teachers.

In recognition of the often large expense of these services, I offer payment plans as well as sliding scale pricing on a limited basis (please see the link posted below for more details). 

I look forward to potentially getting to work with you!

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  • Clinical Herbalism Services

    Herbs can be a very gentle support for those struggling with physical or mental concerns complementary to conventional medicine. I offer clinical herbal consultations for a large variety of your wellness needs, no matter if they are simple or complex. These are currently conducted at a distance only, through the secure service Carepatron.

    For more information on these services and how to book a consultation, click here 
  • Energy Healing Services

    Energy healing is a wonderful method for pain management and more. I offer both reiki (Usui and Karuna Ki) and non-reiki methods (Norse Runic Energy Healing) methods of working with the energy of your body for wellness purposes, which also pair very well with herbal consultations. These healings always include a scan and description of the energy body, at least three or more minutes spent on each area of healing, and a cleanse of the auric field. They can be wonderful even for simple things such as the ability to cope with stress, much like getting a massage.

    For more information on these services and how to book a session, click here 
  • Workshops and Group Sessions

    On occasion, I offer both paid and free workshops and group sessions for certain services on a variety of herbal and spiritual topics, held through Zoom (with bookings via Carepatron, the secure platform I use for all my services).

    For more information or to book, click here 

"Claire is caring, a wonderful listener, and very professional so that I felt comfortable sharing personal information that was important to an open and comprehensive consultation. Her herbal recommendations were thoughtful and helpful, and her demeanor is supportive and sincere. Highly recommended!" 
- Olivia (in reference to a Clinical Herbal Consultation)

"Helped me not only to soothe some very annoying back pain but to heal and unblock my energy body which also resulted in better sleep and a happier mood overall!"

- Dany (in reference to a distance Usui Reiki session)

"I feel better than ever. I never felt bamboozled or forced into anything. I always felt like Claire was listening, considering, and thinking of the best course of action for me, personally. I cannot recommend her enough."

- Laurie (in reference to a Clinical Herbal Consultation)

"After the session, I felt much more at ease as if a weight was lifted off of my shoulders... Claire is wonderful to work with and I HIGHLY recommend these services to everyone!"

- Rachel (in reference to a distance Usui Reiki session)