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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Snakeskin Runes

Snakeskin Runes

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These are runes made of resin, mica, and ethically sourced shed snakeskin.

Runes are powerful tools for divination, meditation, energy work, and overall guidance towards wellness. This set of 24 runes uses the Elder Futhark, which is the oldest of the two types of Norse rune sets that are commonly used. Each rune holds its own unique meanings, and when divining the runes they can be either cast out onto a cloth or pulled from a bag, though there are many different ways to utilize them. How you use them is up to you! 

Snakes in multiple cultures are also frequently seen as symbols as regeneration and renewal. The inclusion of snakeskin in this set is meant to help embody that, with each utilization holding the power of promoting new insight of you and the world around you.

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