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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Norse Runic Energy Healing

Norse Runic Energy Healing

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Norse Runic Healing is an energy healing system primarily involving the use of the Elder Futhark runes that are intuitively applied in order to work with and heal the energy body of a person or animal. Similarly to Reiki, this system works on all levels for healing - physically, mentally, and spiritually - but also gives an option for energy healing for those who are sensitive to Reiki energy while still providing powerful and deep healing. It includes a scan and description of the energy body, description of the the runes that are used (and why) as well as assistance with grounding and cleansing one’s energies. One session usually lasts between 30-45 minutes.  Animals enjoy it too!

This system has been studied and developed under the close mentorship of Icelandic völva Tanya Lind, in addition to the application of my nearly a decade of runic studies. I will email you after your purchase with an invite to Practice Better (the secure system I use to send forms and set up appointments) to set up a good time to do the healing as well as obtain details about your needs.

Please be sure to read my policies and FAQ prior to purchase. All services are distance at this time and may not be possible to do in real time (that is, similarly to an in-person healing). Services are also on a sliding scale - feel free to ask about this if you are having financial struggles, temporary or not, or are suffering from a grave illness.

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