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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Norse Runic Energy Healing

Norse Runic Energy Healing

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Norse Runic Healing is an energy healing technique that utilizes the Elder Futhark runes for therapeutic benefit. It is akin to Reiki, acting as a restorative method for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, plus accommodating those who are sensitive to Reiki energy. Each session typically lasts 30-45 minutes. This method and its write-up involves a scan and assessment regarding the energy body, an overview of the runes used (and their purpose), plus assistance with ground and cleansing one's energy. Animals are receptive to this practice too. This method was studied under the guidance of Icelandic völva Ísvöld Ljósbera, and is enhanced by my own years of runic knowledge. A full description of all my energy healing services and what I do can be found through the link here.

Upon purchase, the purchaser will receive an email containing an invitation to Carepatron (the secure platform utilized to setup appointments and provide forms) to arrange the healing session and provide pertinent data. This may also include consent forms related to telehealth services and the provision of services overall.

My energy healings will provide you with a detailed write-up of each session, sent securely to your client portal on Carepatron. I focus on providing the most healing possible during your paid time, but will still make note of anything significant that comes up during your treatment.

I prioritize making health and wellness services accessible. For those in need of financial support, please reach out to me to see if assistance is an option. You can find more information about this on my Sliding Scale page. ShopPay payment plans on the product pages are additionally available for those who want to opt for payment division without a credit check, while still ensuring that I receive the full amount due at the time of booking.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that although energy healing can be beneficial, it should not be a substitute for medical care. If you are facing serious medical or mental health issues, it is highly recommended to seek professional medical attention alongside these services.

Lastly, please also be sure to have read my Personal Policies prior to purchase (as well as the details for the consultations below), although if you have any questions you would like to ask me prior to obtaining this consultation, feel free to ask!

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