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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Clinical Herbal Consultation + Energy Healing Packages

Clinical Herbal Consultation + Energy Healing Packages

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Herbs as well as energy healing are gentle yet fantastic ways to holistically support a person on their path towards wellness, offering assistance for both mental and physical struggles.

Full hour-long herbal consultations can be wonderful for finding support for chronic, multiple, or complex concerns, or if you are simply looking for overall health support where there is the potential for your needs to be wide-ranging. I take into account the whole of you during these consultations - including your health history, life circumstances and lifestyle, your diet, medications, and potential spiritual things that may benefit you to consider, and offer formulas and recommendations that are tailored and unique to you. I also specialize in chronic illness and autoimmune concerns, with a number of clients finding long-lasting success with me. Much of the desire for this specialization comes from my own mental and physical chronic health struggles, and I know what you’ve likely been through in your own search for effective wellness support.

These particular herbal consultations are offered in one month or three-month packages with energy healing services, done on a monthly basis according to your schedule (utilizing Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, or Norse Runic Energy Healing, and we will work together during the herbal consultation to explore which method may be best). These packages create the potential for a fully holistic experience on your wellness journey, combining physical as well as energetic/spiritual support. They can be particularly beneficial for if you are struggling with chronic ailments, which I am of the personal belief are heavily stress/trauma-derived. While herbs can assist you on a chemical level to bring physical and mental support, energy healing allows for relaxation and can be an extra support for stress and pain management.

A one-month package offers a $15 discount from what energy healing services may normally be in combination with an herbal consultation, while a three-month package offers a combined $45 off of what three energy healing sessions may normally be in combination with an herbal consultation.

Consultations and follow-ups are normally about three months apart in order to help you get a secure sense of if the recommended herbal formula that is given is working well for you or not. I’ll also check in with you on occasion in between (about once per month) to make sure all is well and if any small adjustments need to be made to the recommendations.

Please also be sure to have read my Personal Policies and FAQ prior to purchase, although if you have any questions you would like to ask me prior to obtaining this consultation, feel free to ask!

Reviews for these services individually can also be seen here

I hope to work with you soon!

About Me

I graduated from Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Masters of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine, and am now offering clinical herbalism services both online via Practice Better and in-person in Scottsville, Virginia (located in an office space inside The Riverbend Boutique, with back door access/parking). Client orders for herbs are filled at The Elderberry in Charlottesville, Virginia and can be either picked up or shipped. I work to be sensitive to the needs of the LGBT+ community, and have a particular interest in working with herbs for chronic pain, chronic illness, and autoimmune struggles. Please see the About Me section of the website for more information about who I am and my philosophies!

Booking Process

If booking with me online, I will email you an invitation after your purchase tojoin Practice Better, the HIPAA-compliant service that I use to send forms, recommendations, and the organization of online sessions. I will ask that prior to the consultation that both a basic information/informed consent form be signed as well as an intake form. If you would like to book an in-person consultation, please message me prior to purchase to obtain an idea of availability. 

Costs and Payment Assistance

I believe in health and wellness services being acceptable - if you need help paying for this consultation, please message me, and I may be able to help depending on if the option is currently available. Please refer to my Sliding Scale page for more details. Please be aware that the price of this consultation may also increase in December, 2022!

Please be aware that this listing does not include the provision of herbs recommended in herbal formulas I give. I will work with you to make sure herbal formulas can fit within your budget as much as possible, but you will be required to purchase your own herbs. Post-consultation and drafting of the formula, I will send notice to The Elderberry for the herbs and dosages you need, and all you will need to do is call them to pay for them and have them for either pick-up or shipment.

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