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Radiant Waters Healing Therapies, LLC

Clinical Herbal Consultations

Clinical Herbal Consultations

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Herbs provide holistic support on the journey to wellness and can address physical or mental issues, including fatigue, agitation, digestion, congestion, and more. While they should be used as complementary to conventional medications, particularly in the case of serious ailments, certain herbs may match the efficacy of pharmaceuticals while being gentler on the body. An herbal formula can target multiple body systems at once, promoting overall wellbeing.

These hour-long herbal consultations are ideal for providing personalized, comprehensive care to address chronic, multiple, and complex health concerns, as well as simple or short-term needs. The consultations provide the opportunity to receive tailored, thorough support regardless of the scope and complexity of the presenting issues.

A full description of my clinical herbal consultations and what I do can be found through the link here.

Consultations and follow-ups are typically spaced three months apart to gain insight into the efficacy of the prescribed herbal regimen. We may also communicate once a month during this time to ensure the plan is on track, and make any necessary adjustments.

I prioritize making health and wellness services accessible. For those in need of financial support, please reach out to me to see if assistance is an option. You can find more information about this on my Sliding Scale page. ShopPay payment plans on the product pages are additionally available for those who want to opt for payment division without a credit check, while still ensuring that I receive the full amount due at the time of booking.

Note that these consultations do not include the supplying of herbs recommended in herbal formulae. I will do my best to make the formulae affordable, but the herbs must be purchased separately. After the consultation and the formulae has been created, instructions will be sent to The Elderberry with the specific herbs and dosages you need. The Elderberry will then contact you to pay for them and arrange for them to be picked up or shipped. Furthermore, these consultations should not be used to replace medical care, but instead should be viewed as complementary. For serious medical or mental health issues, please consult a doctor in addition to these services.

Please also be sure to have read my Personal Policies prior to purchase, although if you have any questions you would like to ask me prior to obtaining this consultation, feel free to ask!

I hope to work with you soon!

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