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Tanaduk Wellness, LLC

3 or 6 Monthly Energy Healing Session Bundles

3 or 6 Monthly Energy Healing Session Bundles

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Planning on doing multiple multiple energy healing sessions with me? Consider getting your sessions in a bundle of either 3 or 6 monthly sessions, priced at a discount compared to if you were to get these sessions individually. This is a wonderful option for if you have struggles with chronic ailments, and thus would benefit from multiple sessions, or would simply like to work with me on a regular basis.

Energy healing on the whole is wonderful if you are looking for a way to relax, get better sleep, or soothe muscle aches. However, it’s also a great option if you want to simply look into blockages or potential damage to the energy body, which can translate into hard-to-identify discomfort in the physical body and mind. This session includes a scan of the energy body, as well as auric cleansing and assistance with grounding. I will email you after your purchase with an invite to Practice Better (the secure system I use to send forms and set up appointments) to set up a good time to do the healing as well as obtain details about your needs.

Options for these bundles include Usui Reiki (which is a great option if you have never had energy healing before, and is particularly great for support on the physical level), Karuna Ki Reiki (which can go deeper into areas such as the support of trauma recovery, or spiritual concerns), or Norse Runic Energy Healing which offers the same support as the other options but does not utilize reiki energy (and is great if you are sensitive to reiki, as well as also includes the runes used in your write-up). Please let me know what you would prefer in the notes for your purchase, or contact me if you have any questions prior to booking.

Please be sure to read my policies and FAQ prior to purchase. If done at a distance, these sessions may not be possible to do in real time depending on client availability (that is, similarly to an in-person healing). Services are also on a sliding scale on a limited basis -please use this link for more information. I also offer payment plans through ShopPay, which pays me in full while breaking up payments for you.

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