Soul Retrieval Service - La Hooking

Sometimes, we feel parts of ourselves are missing, or somewhere else, or things aren't quite the same as they were before. This may be something we've felt since childhood (either emotionally, or maybe you were a child that seemed to be always sick), or trauma, or after an experience with someone or a spiritual encounter that left us feeling drained, and there's been difficulty with recovering from those experiences. You may be feeling stuck, like you can't ever fully get ahead in life.

This is where a practice commonly known as soul retrieval can come in. While this practice is not intended a replacement for conventional/allopathic medicine or intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, and is best paired with other modalities and techniques for wellness (I invite you to check out my energy healing services and clinical herbal consultations as well), soul retrieval can help with bringing back these pieces of yourself that you feel are "lost" and that you are having trouble with bringing back. It can help with supporting your energy levels, feeling more whole and within your body, and it's believed to sometimes support luck surrounding physical health as well.

Through the blessings of my teacher, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, I am offering soul retrieval services in the form of a Tibetan Buddhist practice called "La Hooking", done via the Yuthok Nyingthig lineage. These services are donation-based (paying what you can), with 10% of funds received going to Dr. Nida and Pure Land Farms.

In the Tibetan Buddhist view, la is a person's lifeforce, separate from the consciousness. The strength of one's la is affected by various factors including the lunar cycle and position in the body, and can be lost through a multitude of factors - most often (but not limited to) instances of trauma, surgery on an day where the la is located within the body, or the spiritual theft of lifeforce (either via an entity or potentially through a person who might be called an "energy vampire"). La can also be lost at the time of death, and may get stuck and stay behind as a ghost, disconnected from travel with the consciousness into the next life. The cumulative loss of la is believed to affect both your mental and physical health and potentially matters of luck. As a baby this may be seen as the child having a great deal of difficulty thriving. Symptoms of loss of lifeforce energy as an adult can include:
  • Mental health struggles (particularly in terms of having a low mood or feeling anxious)
  • Feeling consistently low in energy without discernible cause, or apathetic towards all or part of your life
  • Feeling disconnected from your body and/or the world around you, like you aren’t where you feel you should be
  • Having consistently poor luck (particularly with matters of health, though also potentially in other areas of your life)
  • Having a hard time focusing on the present, feeling like your mind and thoughts are always somewhere else other than where you are/what you’re doing at the present moment
  • Sleep struggles with no discernible cause

The process of retrieving the la for this practice involves the invocation of healing deities of the Yuthok Nyingthig lineage (that is the lineage of Yuthok, the founder of Tibetan Medicine) as well as other enlightened beings, and ceremony. Additional offerings will also be made to help with the additional appeasement of any karmic debts associated with the person the practice is being done for, as well as recitation of Yuthok's long life mantra. It is advised to wear a piece of turquoise (ideally around the neck) if possible for the further protection of one's la, although otherwise you may just visualize your lifeforce coming back to you at the time the practice is done. This practice is one I have good success with for clients in the past who have needed it, and I am happy to be able to offer it on a broader scale to those who may not be otherwise regular clients. 

Scheduling will be via the platform Practice Better, which allows for both secure online communication and scheduling. You may use the link below to pay, which will then re-direct you to a Practice Better link, and through the process of both signing up for Practice Better and booking. If you are having trouble with the payment link below, please email me and I will send you information for either PayPal or Venmo, and I can send you the invite link for booking separately from your payment. After booking, I’ll give you access to Practice Better’s client portal which will allow for secure communication if desired, and I will also send you a basic information form (for liability purposes).

Please also be sure to view my policies before booking this service (the booking process will include an additional agreement that you have read, understand, and agree to them).

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  • "Claire suggested La Hooking after some discussion about other concerns. I've never had any experience with soul retrieval before, so I figured why not.

    The effects were quite unreal to me. I have longstanding history of depression and rather recent trauma, but the days after the session I noticed less brain fog, and better alertness. There were also a bunch of syncronicities as well. As the weeks have gone by I've also felt more driven in my day to day compared to the listlessness from before, and meditating has become much easier!"
    - Dewi
    April 29, 2022

  • "I contacted Claire for a la-hooking and it went better than I expected. I had been suffering for two years with chronic-fatigue after a brief illness in 2020. I have been to a cardiologist, neurologist, pulmonologist and a doctor that specializes in sleep disorders, I have been through many blood tests, two sleep studies and have had numerous MRIs taken and they were never able to pin-point a source for my fatigue except for the sleep study which showed that I had a very slight case of sleep apnea but the doctor did not believe this would cause my severe fatigue. After the la-hook, I started to gradually feel like my normal self again and I feel like the joy has returned back to me life. Claire was able to help me where western medicine failed and for this I am forever grateful."
    - David

    May 3, 2022

  • It’s been exactly 7 days since the La Hooking ritual Claire did for me, and the effects have been shocking, to say the least. Physically, I fall asleep faster, I wake up form sleep easier, I dont feel lethargic throughout the day as much as I did before (I usually take a nap in the morning and the afternoon), and I breathe deeper than usual, and I become more aware of my physical body. Mentally, I feel more Rooted and Grounded in myself than I thought possible, as I suffer from Suicidal Ideation and Intrusive Thoughts, I found that this past week, the instances has receded noticeably. I still have my anger issues though, so thats how I know I am not making this up. Spiritually, I feel the Weight of my karma. I am a Tibetan Buddhist, and because this ritual is indeed a Buddhist Ritual, that explains my more personal experience of it, and this past seven days, I am becoming more aware of the Reach and Extent of my Thoughts, Words, and Actions. I haven't fixed my habits or my sass, but I contemplate more deeply, think more deeply, feel more deeply. I requested the La Hooking because I wanted to tie up loose ends, as they say, and to improve my abysmal luck, but I think it made me start a journey that I never thought was viable in the first place, and refreshed my conviction in my practices as a Tibetan Buddhist.
    - Arc

    May 24, 2022