Herbs and The Beloved Dead: Connecting with Ancestors Through Spiritual Herbal Use

A One-Hour Workshop
October 30th, 2022
5:00-6:00pm EST
(Payment plan available of two monthly payments of $25)


Do you have an interest in the dead, and/or ancestral workings?
Have you wondered about the different ways herbs can connect with the dead, your ancestors, and the spiritual realm?
Then this workshop might be for you!


We'll take the time to explore the large variety of herbs that are related to the dead (and on a level spiritual work in general), as well as to the ancestors. Everything from mugwort to yew trees, and possibly some you weren't aware of before!

I'll also show you how you can create a witch bottle with the intention of safely connecting to your departed loved ones and honoring them. Your ancestors and departed loved ones, no matter if you're aware of them or not, are often incredible guides and a means of support - even if you aren't very into the idea of connecting with spirits otherwise. Some of the more recently passed, however, are sometimes still dealing with their own lessons after death, and thus may not always be in your best interests to connect with. This bottle will help provide a barrier to those who are not helpful to you, while allowing connection to those who have a high degree of wellness and interest in seeing you grow and succeed. In addition to herbs, I'll show you what else might possibly be added for additional benefit, including stones, sigilwork, and other dried offerings, much like the one pictured below. It'll double as almost a little portable ancestor altar!


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I hope to see you there!