Heart-Centered: Exploring the Connections Between Trauma and Chronic Illness Support Using an Herbal and Energetic Approach

A Six-Week Online Webinar
Dates: August 21st , 2022 – September 25th , 2022 (Weekly)
Time: 2:00-3:00 EST
Cost: $350
(payment plan available, at 4 monthly payments of $87.50, simply select this option at booking)
Herbs and energy healing can blend together tremendously well as complementary supports to therapy and other conventional clinical medicine modalities when working with trauma – which can affect a large variety of bodily systems aside from just the mind. As someone with CPTSD myself in addition to being a clinical herbalist with a Masters in Clinical Herbal Medicine and a Reiki Master-Teacher, this topic is one that I hold quite near and dear to my heart.
The Basic Workshop Layout:
Each session of the workshop will be conducted via Zoom. For each week we’ll explore a subset of topics for how to use herbs and energetic healing for the different ways that herbs might affect the body and mind. This workshop is beneficial not just for those who have been through serious trauma, but also for those who experience other chronic illnesses and want to explore a way of working with them through a potentially new lens. Scroll down to descriptions of workshop topics from week to week.
What You Also Get:
At the end, every participant receives a Reiki Level 1 attunement, conducted privately and separately, along with 15% off an herbal consultation or consultation/energy healing package. Infographics for each week will also be sent out after the conclusion of the workshop (which will at least cover some basic information of what was discussed, though it is advised that you attend as often as possible for full benefit).
Individual formulations will not be discussed through this workshop – to explore herbal formulations that are right for you, please check out my herbal consultations and consultation/energy healing packages. This workshop also should not be seen as a treatment plan or a replacement for conventional medicine modalities such as therapy and working with a doctor, and should be seen as complementary/educational only.

Weekly Topics:

Week 1: Calming The Nerves 🧘
It can be hard to keep the mind in check after having been through trauma. This week we will explore herbs that function as nervines, adaptogens and sedatives, which can help with clearer mental functionality as well as aid with sleep troubles. We’ll also discuss how energy healing can benefit the mind.
Week 2: Gaining Energy 🏃
Battling your brain is exhausting! This week we will explore herbs for combating fatigue, and regaining your energy and mental clarity. We’ll also discuss how energy healing can help with restoring energy that you feel has been lost.
Week 3: A Journey Of The Heart ❤️ 
Trauma can cause quite a bit of wounding to the heart on multiple levels. This week we will explore herbs that support heart functionality, and also help with emotional restoration. We’ll also discuss how energy healing can assist with your work on a heart-based, emotional level, in addition to healing the physical aspects of it.
Week 4: Digestion And Your Brain 🧠
The gut and brain (and thus your mental health) are very, very connected to each other! This week we’ll explore herbs that can help with the support of gut health and different potential gut ailments, in addition to other things you can do to support the gut-brain axis. We’ll also explore how energy healing can help with getting your digestion more regulated.
Week 5: Pushing Against Pain 💪🏻
The body can hold onto trauma in a lot of different ways! This week we’ll explore herbs for muscle and joint pain, and different methods of application for those herbs. We’ll also explore how energy healing can assist with joint and muscle aches.
Week 6: Working With Immunity 🦠
Ever thought that your immune system seems to not be what it was post-trauma? This week we’ll explore herbs for boosting or regulating immune health and helping your body to function at its best against illnesses (or working with autoimmunity). We’ll also explore how energy healing has the potential of working with immune functionality.

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