Energy Healing Services

I provide clients with Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki as well as Norse Runic Energy Healing -- three complementary methods of energy healing which may be used to manage pain, as well as address spiritual or grounding concerns. This approach to wellness includes scanning and description of the energy body, and at least three minutes of healing at each area, as well as a cleansing of the auric field. My channeled energy comes from attunements, studies, and personal training. Energy healing can provide beneficial stress relief similar to that of a massage.

 Types Of Energy Healing Services Offered

I currently offer three types of energy healing services - Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, and Norse Runic Energy Healing.

Usui Reiki is a type of energy healing has been brought over to the West from Japan and is, in all elements, comparable to its roots, apart from the teaching style. I received my attunement to this approach in October 2019.

The Karuna Ki Reiki Energy Healing system was formulated by Vincent Amadour to further Usui Reiki principles. It provides tailored help with past life healing, tackling trauma, anxiety, and emotion-related issues, karmic-level healing, restoring inner element balance, connecting to one's higher self, and spiritual progress and manifestation. I was attuned in April 2021.

Norse Runic Healing is an energy healing technique that utilizes the Elder Futhark runes for therapeutic benefit. It is akin to Reiki, acting as a restorative method for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness, plus accommodating those who are sensitive to Reiki energy. Each session typically lasts 30-45 minutes. This method and its write-up involves a scan and assessment regarding the energy body, an overview of the runes used (and their purpose), plus assistance with ground and cleansing one's energy. Animals are receptive to this practice too. This method was studied under the guidance of Icelandic völva Ísvöld Ljósbera, and is enhanced by my own years of runic knowledge. 

All energy healing sessions are priced at $65.

How Does It All Work, Even At A Distance?

Through use of the energy body and auric field, the physical body is enabled to repair itself, resulting in greater physical and emotional wellness. Clients typically report a warm, calming sensation and relief from pain, similar to what one experiences during a spa treatment. Because energy healing is oriented towards the highest good of the client, certain emotions or indications of illness may manifest temporarily (which should subside in a few days). This is simply a sign that something needs to be addressed.

The energy body's flow of energy can be seen as a type of circuit. Blockages in this flow can disrupt the system, causing it to compensate or attempt to work around the blockage, while optimal health is only achieved when energy is flowing freely. Energy healing works to remove and heal these obstructions, offering a way back to wellness. Distant healing can also be used for stressful future or past events, such as tests and job interviews, as well as for spiritual advancement.

Energy healing is an effective approach that does not necessitate direct contact - beneficially, it can even be applied remotely, to individuals in other places - or even other times - without compromising its potency. On rare occasions, incompatibility can occur, which is usually detected by the practitioner when the energy body is felt to reject or resist the Reiki energy. If this happens, it may be more effective to seek a different form of energy healing.

How I Do My Energy Healing Sessions

I offer distance-only energy healing sessions (which do not include a video call) to maximize focus on each client's energy. For these sessions, I start with a comprehensive energy body scan to detect blockages, energy parasites, spirit attachments, spellwork, damage, and other issues that need healing. I then dedicate at least 3 minutes per energy point, sending energy where it's needed, and employing symbols as necessary. To finish, I assist with grounding and provide you with an overall energetic cleanse.

A holistic approach to energy healing is also used for my work, as opposed to a single area of focus. This is because other areas may be contributing to that particular spot and, without looking at the whole energy body, there could be a risk of problems continuing there. As such, energy is sent to the entire energy body during Reiki sessions in order to promote wellness, instead of spot treatments which are not currently offered.

My energy healings will provide you with a detailed write-up of each session, sent securely to your client portal on Carepatron. I focus on providing the most healing possible during your paid time, but will still make note of anything significant that comes up during your treatment.

About Me And The Booking Process

For a bit of information about me, I graduated from Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Masters of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine, and am now offering clinical herbalism services as well as energy healing sessions as both a Reiki Master-Teacher and a practitioner of Norse Runic Energy Healing online via Carepatron. Client orders for herbs are filled at The Elderberry in Charlottesville, Virginia and can be either picked up or shipped. I work to be sensitive to the needs of the LGBT+ community, and have a particular interest in working with herbs for chronic pain, chronic illness, and autoimmune struggles. Please see the About Me section of the website for more information about who I am and my philosophies!

Upon purchase, the purchaser will receive an email containing an invitation to Carepatron (the secure platform utilized to setup appointments and provide forms) to arrange the healing session and provide pertinent data. This may also include consent forms related to telehealth services and the provision of services overall.

I prioritize making health and wellness services accessible. For those in need of financial support, please reach out to me to see if assistance is an option. You can find more information about this on my Sliding Scale page. ShopPay payment plans on the product pages are additionally available for those who want to opt for payment division without a credit check, while still ensuring that I receive the full amount due at the time of booking.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that although energy healing can be beneficial, it should not be a substitute for medical care. If you are facing serious medical or mental health issues, it is highly recommended to seek professional medical attention alongside these services.

Lastly, please also be sure to have read my Personal Policies prior to purchase (as well as the details for the consultations below), although if you have any questions you would like to ask me prior to obtaining this consultation, feel free to ask!

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