Energy Attunements

Energy healing is a wonderful complementary wellness method for pain management and more. Methods of energy healing can be particularly wonderful even for simple things such as the ability to cope with stress, much like getting a massage, although can also help with spiritual concerns as well. I offer attunements for both Usui and Karuna Ki Reiki methods of working with the energy of your body for wellness purposes. This is done through energy that I channel through both the use of attunements I myself have received as well as personal training and studies.

Attunements I Offer

I currently offer energy attunements for two systems of Reiki - Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki, both done currently solely online through Carepatron.

Usui Reiki is a system of energy healing that was brought over from Japan to the West, but matches traditional Japanese Reiki in all but the style of teaching. It can assist best with stress relief and minor body aches, although can be used towards more overall wellness as well, in addition to some spiritual assistance. I was attuned to this method in October 2019.  Attunements include a class that lasts for between 1-2 hours, with instruction and resources about what Reiki is, its history and limitations, how to use it (both in-person and distance), and time to practice doing some Reiki on yourself. There will also be ample time for questions as needed. These attunements can be beneficial no matter if you are simply aiming to be able to perform energy healing with Reiki on yourself or loved ones (with attunement levels one or two), or are seeking Mastery and the ability to perform it professionally as well as give attunements yourself.

Level One attunements are $150

Level Two attunements are $200

Level Three/Mastery attunements are $300

*Note that for Level Two and Level Three attunements, they will only be performed after the prior attunement levels have been obtained, as well as only after a 21-day and 6-month adjustment period between them.

The Karuna Ki system of Reiki is a system that was developed by Vincent Amadour, as an extension of the Usui Reiki levels of work. It is particularly helpful if you need assistance with past life healing, trauma/fear/anxiety and heart matters, karmic-level healing, inner element balancing, higher self connection and spiritual growth, and manifestation troubles.  I was attuned to this method in April 2021. This attunement includes a short class on the history and methods for Karuna Ki, as well as the attunement itself, and the opportunity for practice, as well as questions if desired both during and after the class. 

The cost of a Karuna Ki attunement is $100

Note: This is available only to those with Mastery in Usui Reiki for at least six months - with the recommendation of having memorized all four Usui Reiki symbols!

About The Usui Reiki Levels

• Level One •
This level enables the basic ability to send out Reiki and heal with it, and although it does not enable the use of Reiki symbols, can be just as powerful. This level is frequently obtained by even those who aren't looking to go up the levels with Reiki, but just want the ability to energetically heal themselves and loved ones. Many also simply like that it assists with protection against harmful energies, and on a level can help with emotional regulation particularly with a regular meditative practice (that's performed in a non-religious manner).

• Level Two •
This level of Reiki use is a slight step above Level One Reiki use, where symbols may or may not be used by the practitioner to boost and direct energy. Like Level One Reiki, this level may be obtained even by those who aren't looking to become professional Reiki practitioners, but who are still looking to strengthen their practice.

• Level Three/Master Reiki •
In the Western Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki system, this level is generally considered the final empowerment that a Reiki practitioner can obtain, allowing them access to a few more symbols to direct and boost the energy. At this level, the most amount of Reiki is able to be accessed, and the practitioner in the Western System also general gains the right to teach and give attunements/empowerments (in the Eastern System a further level is necessary for those rights). Usually gained just by those who want to become professional Reiki practitioners, but is also gained by those who are just looking for completion of the levels of practice.

About Me And The Booking Process

For a bit of information about me, I graduated from Maryland University of Integrative Health with a Masters of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine, and am now offering clinical herbalism services as well as energy healing sessions as both a Reiki Master-Teacher and a practitioner of Norse Runic Energy Healing online via Carepatron. Client orders for herbs are filled at The Elderberry in Charlottesville, Virginia and can be either picked up or shipped. I work to be sensitive to the needs of the LGBT+ community, and have a particular interest in working with herbs for chronic pain, chronic illness, and autoimmune struggles. Please see the About Me section of the website for more information about who I am and my philosophies!

If booking with me online, I will email you an invitation after your purchase to join Carepatron, the HIPAA-compliant service that I use to send forms, recommendations, and the organization of online sessions. I will ask that prior to the consultation that both a basic information/informed consent form be signed as well as an intake form, and a consent for telehealth communication form. If you would like to book an in-person consultation, please message me prior to purchase to obtain an idea of availability. 

I believe in health and wellness services being accessible - if you need help paying for this consultation, please message me, and I may be able to help depending on if the option is currently available. Please refer to my Sliding Scale page for more details. Payment plans through ShopPay on the product pages are also available, which enable for the division of payments without a credit check, while ensuring that I am still paid in full at the time of booking.

Please also be aware that energy healing methods should not replace assistance from a medical professional, and should be seen as complementary only. If you have a serious medical or mental health concern, please see a doctor at the very least in addition to these services.

Lastly, please also be sure to have read my Personal Policies and FAQ prior to purchase (as well as the details for the consultations below), although if you have any questions you would like to ask me prior to obtaining this consultation, feel free to ask!

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