About Me


Hello all! I’m Claire - thank you for visiting this space!


How I Got Started

The healing arts have been a passion of mine since I was young. When I was little, I was always the type to try to make sure people were taken care of and happy, and was even the type to go out and rescue worms from puddles after a rain. As a young adult I first wanted to be a veterinarian, then explored the field of counseling before ultimately landing on pursuing clinical herbal studies. Above all, I enjoy seeing people able to become their best selves (no matter how that looks for them, and in recognition that everyone’s “best” is different), and find it an honor to be part of that journey.


My Interests and Qualifications

I obtained my Master of Science degree in Clinical Herbal Medicine from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in December 2021, and chose to work with herbs because of the gentle yet effective support on the path of wellness that they offer. I believe that conventional pharmaceuticals have their valid place but know how harsh on the body they can sometimes be. Either in combination with conventional pharmaceuticals or on their own, herbs can be wonderful allies on multiple levels for the support of personal wellbeing. While not a perfect solution for all problems, herbs can also sometimes fill in gaps with wellness that conventional pharmaceuticals may struggle to fill or cause further problems with.

Along with these formal studies, I have studied the runes for many years, and enjoy the study and practice of different healing methods beyond Reiki so that I can fit the needs of those I'm healing in the best way possible. I take energetic healing as an important area of study for me, and have seen a great deal of positive results with it when it is utilized alongside other clinical health modalities. I was fully attuned as a Master-Teacher of Usui Reiki in 2019, begun studying how to do energy healing with the Norse runes in 2020, and was fully attuned in Karuna Ki Reiki in 2021.


My Approach to Work 

When I’m with a client, the wellbeing of my client comes first, and as mentioned before I take it as an honor for people to put their trust in me on their wellness journey. My sessions are done with a whole-person approach, meaning that I don’t like working with just one area then leaving the rest alone, and may offer lifestyle or dietary suggestions to look into as appropriate and within my scope of practice to offer.

With all my studies, if I do not have formal certification (particularly with some energy healing techniques), I make a point to study as much as I can with someone experienced in that work before I offer it. I also have many years of both Buddhist and overall spiritual practice experience - particularly with being a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner since I was little.

If you have any questions about me or anything I do, or would like to schedule a session or consultation with me, feel free to contact me! I will do my best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.